※The destination will be a Japanese site.


※The destination will be a Japanese site.

Take on new challenges with us that go beyond existing boundaries.

In a rapidly changing world, the market environment in business is constantly changing.
It is not easy to keep making quick and optimal decisions in the midst of such changes.
Sales Marker Co., Ltd. solves such problems by utilizing the latest technology and data.
Sales Marker Inc. aims to solve these problems by utilizing the latest technology and data, and to create a world where all people and companies can challenge themselves beyond the existing boundaries.


About the Application and Selection Process

Where can I apply?
If you would like to apply directly, you can apply through HRMOS.
If you do not find a position that matches your experience, please apply here for a casual interview. A person in charge will contact you to find a position for you.
Can I enter for more than one position at the same time?
You may enter more than one position. However, if you proceed to the selection process, you will only be selected for one position. If you mention this at the time of entry, we will be happy to meet with you and introduce you to a position in which you would be more likely to be successful.
What is your selection process?
The number of interviews will vary depending on the position and situation, but we will conduct about as many as 1 to 3 interviews, and once a mutual understanding has been reached, we will conduct reference checks, followed by a final interview > pre-offer interview > offer interview.
After that, if you wish, we will arrange an opportunity for you to meet with our employees.
Do you have in-person interviews?
In general, the process is conducted through online interviews.
Final interviews and offer interviews may be conducted in person.
How long does the interview take?
The time required is approximately 30-60 minutes, and we may conduct interviews with two or more members at one time. In such cases, please understand that the time required may exceed the expected time.
What should applicants wear and bring to meetings and interviews?
Applicants are free to wear whatever they choose. No specific items are required, so if necessary, please bring writing tools for taking notes.
Is it possible to re-enter?
Yes, it is possible. Because we are a start-up company, the number of open positions is limited and it may be difficult for us to offer a position to everyone who applies. As our company and business grows, more positions will become open, and we encourage you to apply for any of our positions when you are ready to consider a new career opportunity.

About Employment Onboarding

The date of your hire and the schedule for your first day at the company
The 1st and 15th of each month are designated as induction days, and in conjunction with these days, we hold induction briefings. In general, the briefing is held offline, and lunch meetings with peers, mentors, and human resources are also held.
Please note that the orientation is open only to those who meet certain operating hours.
What kind of support do you provide after joining the company?
We have a mentor system in place so that employees can quickly become accustomed to the work and demonstrate their abilities. After joining the company, mentors will provide support during the onboarding period of 3 months so that any concerns or questions can be resolved promptly.
Is it necessary to come to work during the onboarding period?
It is not required. However, we encourage employees to come to work on Wednesdays and Fridays.
What is your office location?
The location is as follows.
Address: Kamiyacho Trust Tower 23F, 4-1-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

About Working Style

Is remote work possible?
It is possible. Currently, we are working by coming to work & working remotely. All members use Zoom and Meet to work remotely without losing the quality and quantity of communication. We also have many members who live in regional areas or overseas (Fukuoka / Osaka / Hong Kong /USA, etc.).
We welcome anyone who wants to come to the office, including outsourced workers.
Please inquire individually as each team's availability differs. (Sales and Customer Success teams may be required to visit customer sites in some cases.)
What are the working hours?
We have a full flex-time system for both full-time employees and outsourced workers.
(Flexible hours are from 5:00 to 22:00, no core hours)
Is it allowed to have a second job?
It is allowed as long as it is not in the same industry. However, application is required.
The main prerequisite is that it does not interfere with the core business.
Is it possible to work without speaking Japanese?
It is possible. The development team in particular uses English as its main language of instruction, making it an environment that is easy to become familiar with.
What is your evaluation system?
Employees have 1on1 with their superiors once every six months to set and review their goals using the CBGr (Cross Border Grade System). The grade of each employee is informed at the 1-on-1 meeting, and the employee is given a clear and appropriate evaluation by setting goals in line with their own future plans and the company's vision.